3Rivers and Trad Tech – peerless!

We traditional archers are fortunate. There are two major archery suppliers in the country, if not in the world, and both are owned and operated by down right good people. Dale Karch and his team at 3Rivers Archery, and Rob Kaufhold and his team at Lancaster Archery Supply (LAS) not only meet our archery needs, but they do it with unmatched customer service.

I consistently see and hear positive comments at shoots and across all the archery forums with respect to customer service at both companies. If anyone has an issue with an order from either team resolution is only a phone call away.

Rob and Dale are also committed to the sport of archery and the hunting community. Both are avid hunters as well as bowyers.  Dale’s Tomahawk and Rob’s Trad Tech series are tremendously popular across the recurve and longbow community. They are committed to improving the quality of hunting and target equipment.

Both Trad Tech and 3Rivers Archery also sponsor events at the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) Traditional World Championships. Again, in our 4th year, 3Rivers Archery will sponsor the Hunter Challenge Showcase Shootdown, which pits the top archers in head-to-head competition. This year we will incorporate a top 16 female bracket and at the end of the evening the top male and female archers will go head-to-head for an additional $500 in cash.

2012 will be the second year for the Trad Tech Team Challenge. Ladies will serve as team captains for this event. They will draw two random male names to form teams, which will be bracketed for a head-to-head shootdown. Extremely popular last year, this will be a crowd pleaser for everyone involved as well as the spectators cheering the teams on.

The IBO Traditional Worlds will be hosted by Twin Oaks Bowhunters, located just 35 miles NW of Nashville, Tennessee July 20-22.  Last year’s even drew over 500 shooters from all over the U.S. and numerous other countries.  This year we have commitments from archers form Spain, South Africa, New Zealand and a big group of Canadians. Whether you are a recreational stump shooter, hunter, or competitive target archery we have something for you at the Trad Worlds so plan on joining us and meeting our incredible sponsors, Dale Karch and Rob Kaufhold.

For more information on the IBO Traditional Worlds go to:

2012 IBO Traditional World Championships

Also, visit:

3Rivers Archery


Trad Tech Archery

2 responses to “3Rivers and Trad Tech – peerless!

  1. I dealt with both 3Rivers and Lancasters when I was in the Trad Archery business. I had nothing but 100% positive transactions with both companies. They both respect their customers and make every effort to satisfy their customers needs. I have respect for both companies and the people who run them.

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