6 responses to “Club shoot at Twin Oaks

  1. I have been following your sieries since the begining and I must say that I have enjoyed every post you have made.
    However, If I had my “druthers” I would prefer a text over the videos— I have been a reader all of my life as opposed to a movie goer. The movies may be more colorful and cantain the “germ” of the subject but I find that text tends to delve deeper into the subjct being presented. Just my take on the matter.

      • I have no objection to a “mix” none whatsoever It’s just that with my computer savvy (or lack thereof) I can print out the text for personal study and use but do not know how to save the videos.

  2. Agreed – we all learn best in different ways – some are auditory, some visual, some with the written word. Thanks for the vid’s Jimmy.


  3. Thanks Jimmy, I just escape into your world when its dreary in the wet & windy UK, once again you are a lucky man.

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