1st Leg of the IBO National Triple Crown

The first leg of the IBO National Triple Crown is this weekend (May 18-20) at Bedford, IN.  Archers can expect a great year of shooting with the IBO. The National Triple Crown will debut the Traditional Team Competition for the first time this year.

In the longbow class Dave Wallace opened with a win at this shoot last year and went on to sweep all three rounds thus winning the Triple Crown, Traditional Worlds and the regular worlds. In the male traditional class Jim Powell swept all three legs and then went on to win the regular Worlds in New York. Fawn Girard opened with wins in the first two legs of  the Triple Crown, but Vivian Bryant stopped her streak by winning the third leg by 2 points. Mark Lynde swept all three legs in the Recurve Unaided class.

In 2012 Dave, Jim, Mark, Fawn and Vivian will all be back to defend their wins, but new as well as familiar faces will be at Bedford to try and put up respectable marks of their own. IBO Indoor 3D World Champion and ASA winner in Augusta, Dewayne Martin will be competing in the Trad Class; as well as last years ASA Shooter of the Year, Dan Haire.  I’m excited to be heading to Bedford myself on Friday and hope to see some of you there as well.  Best of luck shooters!

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