Trad crowd off to a great start at Bedford

Smiling faces were abundant as archers shook hands with excitement and began another year of 3D archery in Bedford, IN.  As I approached the practice butts I saw Dave Wallace, Bill Swope, Jim Powell, John Demmer and Dewayne Martin, to name but a few, catching up on the archery news.  Everyone was in high spirits as we prepared to begin the 2012 IBO National Triple Crown.

L to R: John Demmer, Jimmy Blackmon, Michael Wyatt, Dewayne Martin, Bill Swope, Vivian Bryant, Jim Powell, Levy Bryant

What a great group of people we have in archery. There is always a collegial atmosphere despite everyone wanting to come out on top at the end of the weekend. We laughed and made fun of a few standout oddities debuting this weekend. I simply had to shoot my new Fox Triple Crown, but I didn’t have wood arrows tuned for it so I took my stiff-spined selfbow arrows with the intent to set my gap and then aim 6” right.  It briefed well, and seemed reasonable while in Tennessee, but it didn’t execute well in Indiana. I thought I might be at the butt end of more jokes than anyone, and Dewayne Martin did his best to jab me at every opportunity, but John Demmer took the heat off of me with his bow.

John said he had tired of trying to explain to bowyers what he wanted in a bow so he decided to build his own recurve.  It was far from finished but that didn’t deter him from shooting it.  The tape was still on the limbs and the riser had been cut out with a band saw and then filed down……a little.  He had no shelf material and no strike plate.  The arrow slapped the riser as it took off, sounding like a .22 rifle, and then his arrow porpoised itself to the target. You might think I’m overly critical, but John got the last laugh as he beat me.

Now to the good shooting; Randy Irvine opened with a monster 200 on the first day’s 20 targets in the longbow class.  On a very tough course Randy set the standard for all to follow.  Unfortunately, he hit a roadblock on day two when he had a bow malfunction with 12 targets remaining, but that didn’t slow the former World Champion down.  Randy finished strong with a monster 385. Last year’s winner, Dave Wallace, finished second with a 344.

In the Recurve Unaided class Mark Lynde was at the top of his game.  Mark transitioned to stringwalking this spring and took to it like a duck to water. He opened with a 191 on the first 20 and came back with a 186 on day two to keep his National Triple Crown streak of wins alive with a total score of 377.  I hope to join Mark in the RU class at Erie for leg 2.

Big Jim Powell was steady and solid as usual in the TRAD class. He beat DeWayne Martin 343 to 323 to win at Bedford yet again. Zach Stoner of Virginia was the lone youth TRAD shooter. Zach is also last year’s IBO Trad World Champion.

DeWayne doing what he does best – telling a story.

On the women’s side, Jenifer Stoner, the 2011 IBO Traditional World Champion, two-time NFAA National Indoor Champion and 2011 NAA Indoor National Champ, shot in her first National Triple Crown and made a huge statement shooting a 335. Jennifer spent the past week tuning some arrows to shoot off the shelf on her new Trad Tech Titan III. I think she got it all figured out.

So we are under way in the 2012 IBO National Triple Crown.  We sincerely hope that you can find a way to join us at Leg 2.  We had 46 traditional shooters at leg 1 and have plenty of room for more.

For full results go to this link:  National Triple Crown Leg 1 Results

John Demmer shooting his homemade bow.

Michael Wyatt shooting with John Demmer looking on.

Dewayne taking on a wolf.

Levy, Jim, Bill and Vivian take a load off.

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