Some say we take all the fun out of shooting a bow. We’re too serious.

“Just shoot and enjoy it. Quit making it work,” they say.

What they do not know is that the pursuit of perfection, albeit unobtainable, is pleasurable for many of us. The journey, marked by incremental points of progress, brings unrivaled satisfaction to many archers, me included. The poet Longfellow remarked, “We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.” We strive to DO, that others might see what is possible, with an eye ever focused on the possibilities that exist within our potential. If all of us realized our true potential we might strive harder to obtain a higher level of performance.

I view archery as a world with dew still on it, full of wonder and possibility. With each new arrow placed on the string there is opportunity. If I but do my part it will hit its mark and satisfaction unfeigned will be my reward. How could one ever question the pleasure obtained with a perfectly shot arrow, or the journey we took to transform what was once a possibility into a reality?

3 responses to “musings…..

  1. Well put Jimmy – nothing gives me more pleasure than the jump of a bow shot with proper back tension – you have to ask yourself is a perfect 300 with a stick bow possible? I think it is.


  2. Jimmy, I think you’ve captured the essence of a true devotee’, albeit engaged in hobby, avocation or vocation. I’ve had a 50-year love affair with archery. Indeed, it’s the same with my profession. If someone had told me 35 years ago, when I started the work, that I’d still be loving it at 65, I’d have named him ‘fool.’ Yet, here I am, undiminished.

  3. Sir,
    Well put. While archery for me is not what is is for you, we share some of the same fascination with it. I would venture to say that every man has something in his life in which he seeks as much perfection as possible. It could be a job skill, a hobby, relationships or his faith; we all have things in which we aspire to perfection,regardless if that perfection is nearly impossible to achieve. It is perhaps in that impossibility that we find our great challenges and great rewards. The small gain towards an impossible goal often provides a man more satisfaction that a large gain towards an easy goal.

    Keep up the fine posts!

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