The Dance

Primitive man with his need to survive viewed nature as a means to thrive. If he could harness her power and control her energy he could better shape his destiny so early man, in his primitive ways, discovered a dance full of elegance and grace.

Man shaped wood to symmetrically bend and held her captive with a string attached at each end. An arrow at rest he placed on the string. Then drawing with leverage, he forced her to bend.

With control he held and focused on a spot. The entire world became a blur, all but the dot. With nature defied he steadied his hold then gentle as a dove the string he let go. Man yielded his grasp freeing the wood and forward it cast, but not before paying the toll of force.  The limbs crashed forward the string in tow and energy was transferred to an arrow at rest. The point resisted as the energy searched for somewhere to go. The shaft yielded and bowed in an arch. The nock then broke free and the arrow flexed.  The projectile was in flight and man’s earliest attempts to control nature stepped in.

Feathers affixed to the shaft caught wind and began to spin. With each rotation the flexing subsided and flight became clean, but all of Mother Nature’s gifts come with a price.  Air forced across the feathers clung like glue. Drag was her name and speed she withdrew. Nature was not finished, her constant card she played. Gravity pushed hard and the arrow was forced to yield. Mother Nature she smiled content she had won, but the object she fought for suddenly ended her flight. With the energy that remained she drove deep in the bale after tearing the paper in the center gold dot. Man, he beamed with the result he achieved and Mother Nature she approved of an arrow well shot.  The dance was completed with mutual respect. Man used nature for her power to project. Nature approved for perfection was complete.

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