2nd leg of the IBO National Triple Crown

Archers gathered in Erie, PA last weekend for the 2nd leg of the NTC.  In the Men’s TRAD class Jim Powell remained atop the leader’s board despite John Deemer coming on strong and Paul Vogel showing up to give it a run. In the female TRAD class Fawn Girard did her homework after being beaten by Jenifer Stoner at the first month. Fawn bested last years FRU TRAD World Champ by 14 this week.  Dave Wallace showed what he though about Randy Irvine’s first leg win by coming out incredibly strong at Erie.  Dave shot a tremendous 374 to get back on top. Finally, in the RU class Mark Lynde remained in the top spot with yet another win.  The 3rd leg will be in Columbus, OH next month.  Who will emerge as the 2012 NTC Champions?

Men’s TRAD

Jim Powell               357

John Demmer          354

Paul Vogel                338

Dewayne Martin      335

Gene Heck                 328

Ralph Blake              325

Tony Maxey               315

Mitch Miller             307

Leroy Forsythe           297

Bill Swope                   292

Dave VanGoreden      290

Dan Haire                  287

Christopher Harper   281

Scott Carpenter          272

Buddy Brocco            270

Neil Herd                241

Steve Wagner            236

Craig Matteson          224

Ray Moore              223

John Bowden         206

Jake Harper             186

Philip Clouser

John Clouser

Women’s Trad

Fawn Girard       324

Jenifer Stoner    310

Diana Smith      290

Cynthia Baldwin   244

Julie Watson      244

Jan Wagner        176

Julieanne Sullivan    158

Men’s Longbow

Dave Wallace            374

Randy Irvine              366

Calvin Smock            337

Michael Baldwin      337

Jared Neal                  280

John Burnette            246

Adam Ryan               228

John Carlson            171

Recurve Unaided

Mark Lynde             358

Andy Pawlowicz     309

Dwayne Flanagan   295

Howard Rockhold    293

Jim Laird                   289

Troy Stoner               236

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