2012 TRAD Stars

There were many great shooters in 2012, but there were a few that had an exceptional year. I would like to highlight those shooters. We will begin with a lady.

Jenifer Stoner of Virginia claimed not only the most titles for a female but also the most for any TRAD shooter.  Jenifer began the year by winning the Virginia State Indoor Championships then the VFAA Mid-Atlantic Indoor Championship and finally the NFAA Indoor National Championship.  She then won the IBO National Triple Crown, the IBO Traditional World Championship and the IBO World Championship.  Jenifer is a 2012 TRAD Star.

Alan Eagleton – departed California on several occasions this year and he frequently returned with titles in hand. Alan won the NFAA Indoor National Championship in March.  He then transitioned to FITA field.  Alan placed 2nd at the U.S. Field Championships but then traveled to France where he competed on the U.S. team at the FITA Field World Championships.  Alan brought home the silver medal in the individual and the Gold Medal as the barebow shooter on the victorious U.S. Team Championship.  Alan is headed to Argentina in a couple of weeks to shoot in the IFAA World Field Championships as well.  Good luck Alan.

John Demmer – Shot the men’s recurve in 2012.  John doubled by winning both the IBO Traditional World Championships held at Twin Oaks in Tennessee and the IBO World Championships held at Seven Springs, PA.







Jared Neal – This 22-year-old also had an amazing year. He opened the season with a 2nd place finish at IBO Indoor Worlds and then won the Recurve Unaided Class at both the IBO Traditional Worlds and the IBO Worlds in PA.

Congrats to our 2012 TRAD Stars

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