13 responses to “Gap & the flight of the arrow

  1. That was very interesting. When you shoot indoor 20 yards, what combination of poundage and arrow weight is optimum for you or for most?

  2. couldn’t wait so I tried it with aiming at the dot before work as you illustrated and got my 10 yd and 30 yd in the same place 15,20, and 25 were within 5 inches of each other. That was with a 30 lb bow and GT 1535’s. Great to see it work. Thanks for the helpful info.

  3. If you know your distances (three in my case, 40, 50, and 60 yards) and practice them regularly, couldn’t you string walk yourself to quite good results even with a relatively slow arrow?

  4. Hey Jimmy, I’d like to know how you center the arrow. I mean, when I aim with the tip of the arrow to the spot, the arrows always tend to flight to the left. The groups are quite tight though they are on the left side of the string. What can I do to center them?


    • Perhaps your arrows are simply too stiff. Have you increased point weight? If you are shooting off the shelf a weaker spine should bring them over. If you are shooting off an elevated shelf with a plunger then weaken the tension of the plunger or move it right. Also, ensure that you are getting into your face with your string hand. I have a video on the effects of wearing a glove and the hand remaining outside your face.

      • Thanks a lot for your help . After approaching my string hand a bit more to my nose, increasing the fistmelle and reducing the tensión of the plunger, muy arrows go straight to the center! 🙂

  5. Jimmy, one more question. Currently I’m shooting three under, anchoring with my middle finger. However, in order to shoot in a 3D competition (in Spain with a traditional recurve bow), I have to shoot split finger. Do you think shooting split finger and anchoring with the middle finger is feasible for gap shooting? I have tried it but the gaps were quite big. Nevertheless, I tried it with 32″ arrows (I draw at 29’5) and a pretty low nocking point. Do you think that maybe raising my nocking point up to 3/4 of an inch and using a bit longer arrows (1 inch longer?) could I reduce the gap enough for gap shooting? What are your experiences on the matter?

    Thanks for your attention and tips, they’re always welcome.


  6. Jimmy, great video explaining a somewhat complicated subject. Being a bit of an analytical sort, I’ve been playing around with an Excel program that calculates both point of aim and gaps at various yardages as determined by anchor point position from your eye, length and weight of arrow, and arrow velocity. It’s not perfect, but a very close ballistics model. It could be a nice tool to help someone see how subtle changes to the variables impact the trajectory of an arrow and the corresponding aiming process (if one does indeed use the arrow tip to aim). Anyway, as you seem somewhat analytical yourself, if you’re interested in seeing it, drop me a line. I’d be happy to share. Putting someone’s experience such as yours into the calcs would surely help as well. Thanks again for the great videos. Mark

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