4 responses to “120 yard Recurve Shot

  1. Hey, you’re alright! Bringing home the distant bacon. That’s farther than I have to walk to the butcher shop. Next project: the Bhutanese 11″ wide target at their normal distance of 140 yards (145 with a compound- it’s either that or their bamboo self bows- nothing in between!) I have friends there, visited them in 2004, and managed to hit their target- but only once! HH Wesley longbow, Easton aluminum arrow.

      • Byron Ferguson popped a balloon at 150 yards- he can probably lend you some gas!

        Will your new Walnut bow reach that far? I have a few very light Bhutanese bamboo arrows, almost microscopic fletches, (surprisingly little “arch” in their trajectory) but they’re only about 26″- and who knows what spine. Happy to send you one if you want to try it.

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