4 responses to “Tip of the Day: Finding your Back

  1. Excellent! You have just demonstrated a refined version of the procedure I’ve been following for the past month. After 23 years of shooting lefty, I got serious about curing my RH TP split-finger shooting problem. Almost licked it for basic functioning, but to nail things down AND start the road to competent RH finger shooting, I have been pulling my wife’s 29# recurve- with an arrow- and just holding 30 seconds to 3 minutes or so, daring my monkey brain to “make” me shoot- eyes wide open.

    During this long hold with a light bow, one can feel everything- including back tension, or lack thereof. Instead of releasing an arrow (first week of this practice) I would continue the back pull to excess, as you caution against for actual balanced shooting. Using the 30″ arrows that I shoot when using the thumb draw, sometimes I pull straight back past the anchor spot beyond the jaw- no lack of back tension there. Also try to feel back tension/contraction on the bow arm side of my back, but too much of that can distort.

    When allowing a release of the arrow to take place, I am approximating your deliberate rotation -without the excess pull for non-release draws- but not quite so well conceptualized & defined as your release, (which will soon prove to be very useful- I hope). And I do one more thing: after the release, I of course hold position until the arrow embeds in the bale- and then I continue holding, and deliberately squeeze the back muscles some more, attempting to touch the shoulder blades together. One useful image I got from anther archer is to visualize squeezing an egg between the shoulder blades. This image has done the trick for rank beginners I have coached, who had no idea of back muscles at all.

    Thanks for another one!


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