2013 the resurgence year

The number of archers shooting recurves and longbows has certainly been on the rise over the past few years, but 2013 may be the largest year in several decades. IBO made a huge impact, beginning in 2009, with the Traditional World Championships, which showcased classes for only recurve, longbow and selfbow shooters. Now, in 2013, NFAA will add a longbow wood arrow class and IBO will add a Western Traditional only shoot in California.

As I have spoken with shooters from around the country the turnout looks promising. We expect a much deeper and more competitive field at the IBO Indoor World Championships this weekend at the IX Center in Cleveland, OH, and many archers are already making plans for the NFAA Indoor National Championships in Louisville this March. The traditional class at the NFAA indoor shoot could potentially double in size this year. It’s an exciting time to be associated with traditional archery. I hope to see you at the shoots.

One response to “2013 the resurgence year

  1. This is good news and I am all for anything that places archery in a good light.
    I do, however have one complaint… There is no archery competitions that I can find in southern Louisiana.

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