4 responses to “Rod Jenkins and Jimmy Blackmon Archery Clinic

  1. Is this going to be a regular seminar? If you are going to do it, even for a while, I will pay an attender to write a review of the seminar for AFm. The purpose of the review is to help people decide whether that seminar is right for them, so if this is a “one-off” we are not interested.

    Sounds like a terrific seminar, wish I could come.


  2. Jimmy, good to see you shooting again. This is Rick Hyser (SEAL) Retired. We shot at Dixie bowen way back and I saw you at trad world’s also. I’ve been String walking with a lot of success both 3d and hunting. Took a 137″ 9 point with a recurve string walking. I use a glove exclusively for both 3d and hunting because it’s so fast to change my crawl. Ive been hoping to hit one of Rod Jenkins clinics and now that your teamed up with him that’s icing on the cake. Is there a schedule out for these?

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