5 responses to “How to — Making a Selfbow

  1. Absolutely fantastic Jimmy, You’ve not just made a bow but a piece of your family history, your son has lovely form, I wonder where he gets it from???? I,m sure that bow will be handed down when your son is older or the story of it if it does’nt survive. Inspiring!

  2. Jimmy, I watched your video on making a selfbow on youtube a few weeks ago and really got a lot out of it. I made my first selfbow (osage) a couple of years ago and it is really rough. I’m working on a second one now and I hope it turns out a little better using some of your advice. Thanks for a great video.

    I also enjoy then new Twin Oaks web site. Good job. I would like to visit Twin Oaks before the September Classic. When is the best day or time to come by?

  3. Jimmy – email me back. I need advice on bow to get. looked like you were using a Win pro or some such. Watched a lot videos and shot at local club (mid-ga archery). Retire now. Used to hunt and trap in Ga growing up. Back from 33-yrs in Ak. Thanks


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