7 responses to “Hunting Videos

    • hi chris you ever want to shoot some 3d come over to ireland got some great 3d shooters here and i have a great 3d course which i know you would like,good luck in the big comp this weekend.

  1. Brown is is already down this morning under the white and burr oak stand. Had to be 30 of them in there. Air was full of moisture 15 Sept, just enough for eyeball to eyeball stalking. Hard to fool 60 eyes on the ground. Then, for the deal closer out came the fawn bleat. That always gets the lead mature doe pissy quick but require a quick shot at close range as they come right at you. Monster dry ol gal. Buck sticks for hunping the high country of AFG!

    • Brown #2 is down last nite. Wish I had the camera running. The arrow went in at 20yds, clippied the right elbow tendon went under the pump station and out right out the other far side. Ran like a SOB, discing the ground with it’s nose for about 100yds. had to 30 of em under 3 large old growth white oaks vacuming cleaning everything up fresh fallen. Heck JB , think I could see yer office from where she dropped! Red River Cane does the trick.

  2. Have seen Jimmys videos many times and he is an incredible archer-he seldom misses.Have to be dedicated to shoot as well as he does. Thanks for all the instructional videos that help us!!

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